All Script Tattoos 100€

All Script Tattoos 100€ 🎉

This Friday 3.11 will be doing discounts on all script tattoos. Bring your text to Elisa @foxxywallacetattoo and turni it into an amazing tattoo!

You can choose a font and design your tattoo here in studio or you can come with an already-made script that just needs to be put on your skin ✨

How to book:

  • No booking fee needed for this even
  • Simply DM the artist via Instagram or message us via our WhatsApp or social medias.


📖 A little bit about the artists:

Bring your own design or choose between our flashes. This Sunday we will have @foxxywallacetattoo tattooing at the lounge, just come in and get tattooed without reservation!

📖 Script tattoos: A script tattoo is a style of tattoo that features lettering or text as the main design element. This type of tattoo typically involves words, phrases, quotes, names, or other textual elements inked onto the skin. Script tattoos can be created in various font styles, sizes, and placements, allowing for a wide range of personalization and expression. People often choose script tattoos to commemorate a loved one, convey a meaningful message, or express their beliefs and values through the written word.

📩 Book in:

Message the artist to grab a slot or just pop in!

If you would like to book an appointment with us, feel free to fill out the form on our website!

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April 28 @ 12:00

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