Guest Artist: Harakiri / Blackwork

Guest Artist: Harakiri / Blackwork

We will have Harakiri available at the Lounge from the 27th to the 31st of August! With Cat you can get super cute tattoos both in Colours and B&G ✨

Message him or fill the form on our website for appointments (English, Polish)

📖 Blackwork Tattoo Style: A tattoo is considered “Blackwork” when is made with solely black ink. As you can guess, this is a really wide category that includes any kind of work made with black ink and different way of shading, such as, dot work, colour packing, smooth shading, etc… It can then space from geometrical style to neotraditional, anything with black ink only is considered “Blackwork”.

📖 Guest artists at the Lounge: We will occasionally have guest artists joining us at the Lounge to bring new tattoo styles and ideas to the studio. Their style will be unique and different from the ones’ our resident artists offer. It’s always good to have new styles and to freshen up the shop with new cultures and stories!

Guest Artist: Harakiri / Blackwork

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August 27 @ 11:00 — August 31 @ 17:00

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