Guest Artist: Medina / Neotraditional

Guest Artist: Medina / Neotraditional

From the 5th to the 10th of August, we will have the super talented Medina @medinatattoo brining his epic Neotraditional style to the Lounge!

Medina is a master when it comes to Colour Neotraditional and he can literally tattoo any subject! He’s extremely good with the classic Neotraditional subjects such as tigers, foxes and flowers of any kind ✨

Message him or fill the form on our website for appointments (English, Spanish)
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📖 Neotraditional: We can consider Neotraditional a tattoo made of bold lines and with an illustrative look. Really often you find highly saturated colours with a 3D look. Many tattoos can be considered Neotraditional, the modern neotraditional consists very vibrant colours but on the other hand, there are also artists that mix neotraditional style with ornamental creating tattoos that remind of the Art Nouveau period.

📖 Guest artists at the Lounge: We will occasionally have guest artists joining us at the Lounge to bring new tattoo styles and ideas to the studio. Their style will be unique and different from the ones’ our resident artists offer. It’s always good to have new styles and to freshen up the shop with new cultures and stories!

As usual we expect that you are in good health and wear a mask for everyone’s safety.

Guest Artist: Medina / Neotraditional


March 25 @ 11:00 — March 30 @ 17:00

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