Guest Artist: Sergi Daura / Traditional πŸ“’

Guest Artist: Sergi Daura / Traditional πŸ“’

From the 20th to the 24th of April we will have Sergi Daura bringing some unique Traditional style to the Tattoo Lounge Helsinki (Unioninkatu 45)!

If you are a fun of traditional style but you’re still looking for something particular an unique, then Sergi is your artist! With bright colours and unique designs, he can create stunning pieces impossible to replace.

➑ Message him or fill the form on our website for appointments (English, Spanish)

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πŸ“– Traditional Style:Β Traditional style is mainly made of bright colour and bold lines. It’s a easily recognizable style, that has been loved since the very beginning of the tattoo industry. The most common subjects are the one related to the sea an sailors, such as: anchors, swallows, roses, knives and scrolls.

πŸ“– Guest artists at the Lounge: We will occasionally have guest artists joining us at the Lounge to bring new tattoo styles and ideas to the studio. Their style will be unique and different from the ones’ our resident artists offer. It’s always good to have new styles and to freshen up the shop with new cultures and stories!

As usual we expect that you are in good health and wear a mask for everyone’s safety.

Guest Artist: Sergi Daura / Traditional πŸ“’

Tattoo Lounge Helsinki Finland Studio Sergi Daura Traditional Colour April Guest Artist

April 28 @ 12:00

Tattoo Lounge Helsinki