Guest Artist: Victor Reis / Collage & Blackwork 📣

Guest Artist: Victor Reis / Collage & Blackwork 📣

Starting from the 21st to the 26th of February, we will have Victor Reis bringing some Collage and Blackwork to the Tattoo Lounge Helsinki (Unioninkatu 45)!

With a mix of Realism & Blackwork, Victor can create stunning collages that can be put on skin. Brush strokes, line and geometric elements, makes your tattoo unique and very clean. His main subjects are portraits, animal and flowers; choose your favourite subjects and put them together.

Take a look to some of his works and get inspired by his talent !✨

➡ Message him at [email protected] or fill the form on our website for appointments (English)

➡ Flash will soon be available in our Instagram stories

📖 Collage Tattoos: A tattoo become a collage when it mixes different styles all together. Brush strokes, lines, geometric shapes and realistic elements, create a unique and stunning piece. Animals, faces and plants, can be mixed to create a completely new style.

📖 Guest artists at the Lounge: We will occasionally have guest artists joining us at the Lounge to bring new tattoo styles and ideas to the studio. Their style will be unique and different from the ones’ our resident artists offer. It’s always good to have new styles and to freshen up the shop with new cultures and stories!

As usual we expect that you are in good health and wear a mask for everyone’s safety.

Guest Artist: Victor Reis / Collage & Blackwork 📣

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September 22 @ 11:00
11:00 — 18:00 (7h)

Tattoo Lounge Helsinki

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