Rekku Rescue Walk-in Event 🐾

Rekku Rescue Walk-in Event 🐾

On Sunday 25.7  starting from 11:00, we will be hosting at the Tattoo Lounge in Unioninkatu 45G, Helsinki, a Walk-in event focused on the Animal Rescue battle!

Together, with Rekku Rescue, we will collect money that will be donated to the homeless cats and dogs!

Grab an available flash, bring yourself to the studio and we will take care of the rest! Fill in the form to book in.

As usual we expect that you are in good health and wear a mask for everyone’s safety.

Rekku Rescue Tattoo Lounge Flash Elena Animal Event

Rekku Rescue Tattoo Lounge Flash Alessandro Animal Event


April 28 @ 12:00

Tattoo Lounge Helsinki