Walk-In Day / Sunday 17.4 🐣

Walk-In Day / Sunday 17.4 🐣

We are hosting another amazing Walk-in Day at the Lounge!

Bring your own design or choose between our flashes. This Sunday we will have @freyjavstattoo and @krestattoo tattooing at the Lounge, just come in and get a tattoo without reservation!


📖 A little bit about the artist:

Freyja’s main style is Colour Realism and Watercolours. Check her profile to see the available designs or ask her to give your idea a shape!

Oscar’s main style is  American Traditional Styles with black heavy lines, a little colour and some black shades. The colours used in this style are just a few and the palette is pretty limited to tonalities such as blue, red, green and yellow.

Quick tips about a Walk-in day:
  1. To avoid queuing contact us via our socials or our WhatsApp to know the waiting times.
  2. When you bring your own design. Be prepared to show the reference picture to the artist and to give them as many info as you can about it.
  3. Our starting price at the Tattoo Lounge Helsinki is 80€!

If your would like more information about a Walk-in day or if you would like to prepare yourself more for this specific Walk-In Day / Sunday 17.4 🐣, click here!

📩 Book in:

This walk-in day will be by appointment only, message the artist to grab a slot!

If you would like to book an appointment with us, feel free to fill out the form on our website or contact us via WhatsApp or Instagram.

As usual we expect that you are in good health and wear a mask for everyone’s safety.


April 17 @ 11:00

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