Blackwork artist: Elena Zahera

A little bit about the artist

Elena started her career attending Illustration and Design studies at ESDIP in Madrid, Spain. She first worked at Rock& Color four years ago, and currently she is a resident artist at Madness Tattoo Studio in Spain.

She is specialised in blackwork style of tattooing. She is always looking to improve and progress her technique and style. Attracted to animal remains, bones, and occultism, her designs are full of energy and mysticism.

How to book in with elena

To book in you can directly fill our Bookings Form and select in the drop down menu ”Guest Artist” here.

She has a lot of available flashes ready to be tattooed or you can request your idea, always following the Artist’s style and subjects.

Check the available flashes on the Tattoo Lounge Instagram profile.

Some of Elena’s Blackwork Tattoos