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We think you need more tattoos!

Our Tattoo Gift Card can be the right gift to your loved ones, an easy way of saying “Hey, I love you but, I really think you should get more tattoos”.

It’s now super easy to get your Tattoo Gift Card with our new form!

Info that you should now:

  • Valid 1 year
  • Redeemable with our resident artists only
  • Can be used multiple times
  • There’s no minimum amount


A bit more

If this Tattoo Gift Card is not for yourself, you can always head to our bookings page and book yourself a tattoo. Because you matter as well!

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"*" indicates required fields

E-gift Card Details

The following details will be written on the gift card.
Name of the sender*
e.g. From Mom & Dad
Name of the receiver*
e.g. To my best friend
There's no minimum price.

Invoicing details (of the sender)

In order to activate the e-gift card we will require a payment through invoicing. The invoice will be sent as soon as we receive all the details.
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