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Elena Mignani Helsinki Tattoo Lounge Artists

Elena Mignani

Elena is specialised in Neotraditional tattoos.

Her work, whether in black and grey or color, is inspired by nature in all its shapes and forms, mixing magical and symbolic elements that make the tattoo unique and full of meanings.

Elena Mignani Helsinki Tattoo Lounge Artists

Jason Denton

Jason main style of tattooing is Black and Grey Surrealism and Realism.

Spacing from Organic Bio to Dark Style Trash Polka and Macabre, his work is unique for every client. His favourite subjects are skulls, animals and anything with darker feeling.

Kurtis Weaver Helsinki Tattoo Lounge Artists

Kurtis Weaver

From American to European Traditional Tattoos, the bold use of colour and solid outlines reflect Kurtis’ beliefs and morals; everlasting true honest work.

This is what traditional tattooing means to him. Bright and bold tattoos are his speciality.

Elena Mignani Helsinki Tattoo Lounge Artists

Elena Mignani // Vokun Tattoo

📍 Tattoo Lounge, Helsinki

Elena discovered the passion for drawing during her career, which began in high school, when she decided to attend the School of Art. She still did not know where this love would lead her. She continued her studies by attending the International School of Comics in Rome and subsequently a Master in Digital Illustration in Milan.

And that is when she found a new and original way of expressing art: through her tattoos.
Therefore she decides that she will not improvise, but will study again, attending the Tattoo and Piercing Course in Rome in 2011, which provided her with the basics of dermatology and hygiene, fundamental in this profession. She after moved to England to progress her career and then to Finland where she has the chance to cultivate her very own style.

Passionate about symbolism and fascinated by nature, Elena has created her unique style of Neotraditional by combining natural elements such as flowers, animals and plants with magical elements, symbols and objects, giving birth to creations full of magic and beauty.

Medusa - Neotraditional Tattoo by Elena Mignani
Red Panda - Neotraditional Tattoo by Elena Mignani
Orca Whale - Tattoo Lounge Artists
Dagger - Neotraditional Tattoo by Elena Mignani
Jason Denton

Jason Denton // Blood God

📍 Tattoo Lounge, Helsinki

Jason is from Yorkshire, UK. His career started when he took an interest in drawing at the age of 10, and since then the passion for art and drawing hasn’t stopped, figuring out his progession to the point of it staying as a hobby thus turning into a job he loves, which is also heavily inspired by all things dark and demonic.

He began tattooing in 2014 and steadily progressed over the years to where he found that styles such as real/surrealism and dark trash polka gained his primary focus, in which he contorts even further to form his unique designs for his clients.

Skull - Realism Tattoos by Jason Denton
Bear - Tattoo Lounge Artists
Skull - Realism Tattoos by Jason Denton
Owl - Realism Tattoos by Jason Denton
Kurtis Weaver

Kurtis Weaver

📍 Tattoo Lounge, Helsinki

Kurtis is originally from a small city in England. He focuses mainly on tattooing and working on projects that are interesting to him. His favorite medium is painting with inks and feels he can express himself the most when using this process.

Kurtis graduated with a Bachelor of Honours Degree in Graphic Design from Lincoln University in 2015 in England but shortly after finishing university he decided to travel and now he is based in Helsinki where he is heavily involved in tattooing and started in 2018 he now wants to improve day by day and increase his knowledge and working skills.

Star Wars Tattoo - Traditional Tattoo by Kurtis Weaver
Tiger - Tattoo Lounge Artists
Treasure Island Tattoo
Reaper - Traditional Tattoo by Kurtis Weaver

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