Tattoo Prices / Tattoo Starting Price

Have you ever found yourself wondering why a tattoo starting price is so “expensive” even if the tattoo itself is going to be super small? Well, here’s why!


The tattoo starting price may vary depending on a few things that we will explain further in this article, and it is often found between these two amounts: 120€ and 150€.

Keep in mind that during our walk-in days the starting price will drop to 80€!

A good part of the total cost is used to cover the material that will be used to set up a tattooing station, material such as needles, inks, gloves, etc… And of course, their quality and level of sterilization will also affect the tattoo starting price!

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Tattoo Prices / Starting Price
Tattoo Lounge Helsinki Prices Minimum Rate Small Tattoo Price
Tattoo Prices / Starting Price

What else will Affect the starting price of a tattoo?

The choice of the design will play a significant part and it will affect the price.

Getting an already-made design AKA flash will result in a cheaper starting price compared to getting a custom piece. A flash if often easy to place on the body and it will be easier to tattoo as all the details (inks and needles) have been decided already by the artist.

A custom design is a drawing made upon request, with specific elements and details to be included into the it, guidelines will need to be followed by the artist in order to create a unique custom piece.

Extra changes can be done to a custom design as long as they follow the artist’s tattoo style. The process of creating a custom design will require extra work from the artist therefore a little extra on the starting price will be asked.

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Tattoo Prices / Starting Price

Extra Tips

⦁ It’s extremely cheaper to get 2 tattoos at the same time as the artist won’t have to set up two stations but just one! 

⦁ Keep an eye on the artists’ social media as they very often offer discounts and deals on their flash.



If I need more specific info where can I find them?

We will be more then happy to answer any questions you may have! You can contact us via WhatsApp or through our Website.

What's the price of a small tattoo?

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How should I prepare for my tattoo session?

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