Term & Conditions

In which cases the Tattoo Artist will not tattoo you

Unfortunately, tattoos cannot be done for everyone. The following text lists the diseases and various things that cause a tattoo artist to refuse to take a appointment:

  • HIV
  • Epilepsy
  • Hepatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Heart diseases
  • Blood disorders such as hemophilia, anemia, etc.
  • People subjected to the formation of Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars
  • Pregnancy / breast-feeding
  • During a course of antibiotics or cortisone
  • It is also not recommended to get tattooed during any flu related illness.
  • Being under the influence of strong painkillers (1 week without painkillers before tattooing)
  • Minor (under 18 years of age. Not even with the consent of the guardian)
  • The tattoo artist will also chose to not tattoo you if the tattoo subject is offensive, a gang symbol/design or something that contains politic or religious symbols.
  • Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs

If you have atopic skin or diseases or skin problems that affect the tattoo, pregnancy scars, common scars, or an unusual amount of skin changes such as creases or other things that you suspect will affect the tattoo, tell the tattoo artist. These may not prevent you from getting a tattoo, but will help the tattoo artist decide what kind of design can be done.

Also, children/minors and pet are not allowed in the studio. The tattoo studio is for adults only. Pets aren’t allowed since they will contaminate the clean environment that is the tattoo studio.

Tattoo Sketched and Designs

Sketches of the tattoos will be made in strict accordance with the instructions. Deficiencies in the guidelines may affect the desired outcome of the draft. It is possible to make changes to the sketches, but depending on the amount of work, they may affect the final price of the tattoo.

Trust the tattoo artist’s vision, knowledge, and skill. The tattoo design will be done not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a technical point of view, which minimizes the spread of color and makes the tattoo look as accurate and fresh as possible even after several years. Not everything can be tattooed everywhere, so always make sure your subject is appropriate for the place you want.

Booking Fee/Deposit

The booking fee is non-refundable.

Deposits cover artists’ time spent preparing your tattoo and it’s a loss of earnings, especially if you cancel or reschedule an appointment too late since they won’t be able to rebook another appointment in time.

The booking fee will only be refunded if the tattoo artist himself has to cancel the period. When booking your tattoo time, carefully consider getting a tattoo.

The booking fee in this store is a bank transfer or cash payment of 100 € (incl. VAT24%). With this payment, you will be able to confirm your time on the appointment calendar and get the sketch visible before your tattoo time. You will receive a tattoo time proposal from the tattoo artist in your email and once a suitable appointment time has been found, you will receive payment instructions from the booking fee. If the booking fee has not been paid within the time stated on the invoice, the booking will be canceled from the calendar. The booking fee is not an additional fee or a hidden cost, but is included in the final price of the tattoo. Payment can also be made in cash, for example in connection with a personal consultation period, but in such case it must be discussed with the tattoo artist. The booking fee is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

For customers who have booked for more than one time, the booking fee will not be refunded until the last visit, when the ordered project is completed or when the customer decides to take a break and no new times are booked on the calendar.

If the customer does not have to give an aggravating and justified reason for the cancellation (the significance of which was assessed by the tattoo artist himself) and there are still tattoo periods remaining, the booking fee must of course be made again to confirm the remaining times on the appointment calendar.

Tattoo Prices

The price of the tattoo includes one ready-made digital or hand-drawn sketch. Tattoos may be priced upon request when booking a tattoo, but the actual price will be determined by the individual artists based on hours spent on the tattoo and design or priced by piece size. The client can also insert a maximum amount (budget) while filling the booking form. In such cases, it is sought to be taken into account, but it should not hamper the design and execution of the tattoo from a qualitative and technical point of view.

Large projects, such as sleeves, full back pieces, etc. are subjected by a discount in the rate.

Tattoo Care and Warranty

After the tattoo has been booked, the deposit is paid, the artist will send you an email with the instructions for the after care for the tattoo. Or the tattoo artist at the end of your tattoo will give you a detailed explanation of how to take care of your freshly made tattoo. By following the care instructions, you will significantly reduce the risks and aesthetic defects associated with getting tattoos.

The tattoo warranty does not cover damage that has caused the tattoo ink to come off the skin due to mechanical actions, excessive sweat secretion, greasing, or rancidity in the post-wrapping (it is not recommended to cover the tattoo again). The warranty also does not cover the normal aging of the tattoo or exposure to UV light, both of which cause the image to spread or fade. Failure to follow the tattoo care instructions is reflected in the tattoos and such tattoos cannot be granted warranty repair but the customer pays for the repair themselves.
It’s racommended not to use cortisone based creams, people using them has found that can couse ink spreading under the skin.

The tattoo artist is not responsible for complications caused by tattoo aftercare, such as inflammation, color allergies, etc., or clothing stained with tattoo ink, nor is he or she obligated to reimburse the costs incurred for these. The tattoo artist is also not responsible for any changes made to the skin, nor is he obliged or liable to reimburse the costs of repairing them.
Tattooing on areas of skin known to have low color retention is not guaranteed at all. (Fingers, palms, ankles down, elbows and knees, in some cases also bends). Warranty repair means a free small so-called ” touch up ” correction, ie a quick finish that brings the image back to the original. If more than 1 hour is spent on the repair, the customer is obliged to pay for the additional repair hours after the first free hour.

If an abnormality, such as an inflammatory reaction, occurs during the healing phase of the tattoo, contact the tattoo artist who performed the tattoo. The tattoo artist will give you additional instructions.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards are not refundable, can’t be redimable for cash, will not be replaced if lost and can’t be used with Guest Artists.

They can be used with any Resident Artist or to purchase any garment, merch or item from TDP Clothing.

Valid for 1 year starting from the date of purchase, can be used multiple times which means that the amount can be split.

Data protection, Copyright and

The Tattoo Lounge will never disclose personal information to third parties. Data assets may be stored in the registry to improve personal customer service . Personal information is never recorded (even anonymously) or used for any purpose other than for the personal service of the individual with the information. After the customer service, the customer personal data will be deleted after 30 days. Personal information may also be corrected or requested electronically if necessary.

Photography is allowed on the premises of the Tattoo Lounge, but pictures or paintings of artists in the studio should not be taken without permission.
The Tattoo Artist has the right to take a photograph of his work for their own use and publish it if they wishes. Faces or other things that unmistakably identify an individual are not photographed in the studio (other than tattoos), and such images are not published. If the customer does not want their image published, this must be stated.
The client is always allowed to take pictures of their own tattoo both inside and outside the studio and publish it without separate request or permission. The customer can also use the pictures published by the studio for their own use.

Images taken in consultation situations are used only for work planning and are never published.