What can I do if my Second Skin peels off too early?

It happened to all of us, one day you’re showering, or sleeping, and suddenly, you find out that your second skin just peeled off!


Many options are available to remedy this situation. First of all, just carefully peel the second skin off, and slowly remove the protective film completely from your skin.


If you were under the shower and your second skin peeled off while showering or immediately after that, you might notice that some glue was left on your skin. Don’t rub it off and don’t try to remove it as it will most likely ruin your tattoo!


The best option is to leave the glue be until your tattoo is fully healed; only after that, remove what’s left of the glue by gently rubbing with some warm water.
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Second Skin roll

Second skin peeling off
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Tattoo covered with Second Skin

Second skin peeling off

On the other hand, if your second skin came off for a different reason, which can be, rubbing against your clothes or bed; carefully remove the second skin, gently wash your fresh tattoo with warm water and neutral soap and let it breath and get dry for around 10 minutes.


After that, you have 3 options.

1. Cover your tattoo with cling film. Simply continue the healing process with cling film,  that will need to be changed every 4-5 over 2 days from your tattoo session.
2. Let the tattoo be. If the area where you got tattooed is not in constant contact with water, dust, or any element that could create an infection, simply keep your tattoo uncovered, wash it often and keep it as dry as possible.
3. Buy a new pack of second skin. If you feel more secure and comfortable to have your tattoo covered with second skin, simply get a new pack of protective film to apply on your fresh tattoo.

FAQ / Second Skin Peeling Off

Could you help me understand better my situation?

Absolutely yes! You can contact us via WhatsApp or through our Website, we’ll be happy to help in details.

How do to I take care of my tattoo with cling film?

We made a post about it, tap here.

Where can I buy more Second skin?

You can either buy a pack it online or in studio.