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To book with one of our Tattoo Artists in the Studio you can fill the booking form below. At the bottom of the page you can find a section with all the Frequently Asked Questions about booking and everything related to it.

Tattoo Styles & Artists

We offer different tattoo styles for you to choose from. Each artist specialises in something specific for best results.
If you are not sure about which style suits best your idea you can choose the voice ”Generic” and we will contact you and help you make the best choice of artist based on your requests.

Following the artists and the styles:


Resident Artists:

Elena @vokuntattoo (currently booking January – April 2023) – Colour & B&G Neotraditional Tattoo Style
Freyja @freyavstattoo – Colour Realism Tattoo Style
Elisa @foxxywallacetattoo
– Micro Realism, Blackwork Tattoo Styles
Saul – B&G Realism, Dark Lettering Tattoo Styles


Guest Artists:


Oscar Kresta @krestattoo / 7-14 Dec
Traditional Tattoos



Pasha Turbo @turbo.pavel / 15-19 Jan
Neotraditional Tattoos

Sasha Akulov @pixelcuteman / 23 Jan – 23 Feb
Neotraditional / Videogames tattoos


Zeyt @zeyt_xav / 4-9 Mar
Abstract Tattoos

Enrico @enricoway / 14-18 Mar
Dark Blackwork Tattoos


Elena Zahera @profanities_tattoos / Dates coming soon
Blackwork / Dark Tattoos

Linfa Cremisi @linfacremisi / Dates coming soon
Blackwork / Esoteric Tattoos

Noora Perälä @arikatora / Dates coming soon


Languages spoken by the artists

Elena: English, Italian
Freyja: English
Elisa: English, French
Saul: English, Spanish




Tattoo Lounge Bookings

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    FAQ About Bookings

    How long will it take to get a reply from the Artist?

    For every artist the reply time could be different. But you will be able to receive an answer between 2 to 7 days.

    How much will my Tattoo cost?

    To get a precise estimate of the cost of your tattoo it is always recommended to talk with your tattoo artist.

    How much detail should I include in the tattoo description?

    When filling out the tattoo appointment form, make sure all relevant information about the upcoming tattoo is written as clearly as possible.

    Be also sure to include reference images to drawings, photos, or tattoos that are close to your idea, that will help  the artist to have a better understanding of what you have in mind.

    If you do not want to specify exactly what you want in the tattoo or you cannot explain what you want in the tattoo and trust the tattoo artist’s vision and professionalism, you can just include a small list of details or the main subject for the tattoo and mention that the tattoo artist has free-hand on the design and tattoo.

    In this case, the tattoo artist will take in consideration the main subject and details wanted in the design (if specified) and create a unique piece following his own style and colour palettes, giving freedom to his vision.

    Trust the tattoo artist’s vision, knowledge, and skill. The tattoo design is made not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a technical point of view, which minimizes the spread of color and makes the tattoo look as accurate and fresh as possible even after several years. Not everything can be tattooed everywhere, so always make sure your subject is appropriate for the place you want.

    Do you do Cover-Up Tattoos?

    If it’s possible, our artists can do cover-ups. If you are planning to cover a tattoo it’s strongly recommended to book a consultation at the studio and talk with the tattoo artist you have chose about it. Every cover-up presents its own challenges and needs to function effectively.

    Can I get a Tattoo if I'm pregnant/breast-feeding or I have other conditions?

    Unfortunately, tattoos can’t be done when you have certain conditions, such as:
    HIV, epilepsy, hepatitis, psoriasis, blood disorders (hemophilia, anemia, etc.) or you ether are pregnant or breast-feeding, if you are using antibiotics or cortisone based medications or if your skin is subject to formation of keloids and hypertrophy scars.

    For more and detailed information ready here.

    Can I bring a friend with me?

    During the COVID-19 pandemic we want to keep the number of people inside to studio down to the bear minimum.

    If you are needing somebody there with you due to personal reasons, please let us know  in advance.

    Do I need to pay a deposit to reserve my appointment?

    The booking fee is a bank transfer, cash payments or card payment of 100€ which is redeemable against the total final cost of your tattoo. Your deposit fee is not an additional cost but it’s included in the final price of the tattoo

    Deposits cover artists’ time spent preparing your tattoo and it’s a loss of earnings if you cancel or reschedule an appointment too late since they won’t be able to rebook another appointment in time.

    Do I have to book in a Consultation and does it cost?

    A consultation is usually always needed, especially  if you are planning to have a big tattoo or you would like to get a tattoo in a delicate area, or you want a cover-up. Therefore we recommend to book a consultation at the studio so that the artist can take a look at the design and the placement and decide with you what the best strategy is.

    The consultation is free of charge; the artist will only need a deposit if you need them to begin drawing your design for your appointment.

    Will I get the design before the appointment?

    The artist you chose will send you the design 1 day before your appointment and small changes can be made respecting the style and identity of the artist chosen. The design will be based on the instructions and the details you gave to the tattoo artist during the consultation.

    What should I wear when I'm getting tattooed?

    Wear something comfortable that can also allow easy access to the area you are about to get tattooed. Tight fitting garments are not recommended, remember that some ink or blood may get on your clothes while traveling home after the tattoo.