Dos & Dont’s Before Your Tattoo Session

We all know what to do after your tattoo session but what about what to do before your tattoo session?

A good preparation before your, either long or short, tattoo session can make a huge different and it might help you get through the day without unnecessary efforts. Getting a tattoo is already a quite painful and stressful experience for the body, let’s not make it worse!

Here we’ve put together the Dos and Don’ts that you should observe before starting with your “tattoo day”.


1. Wear the right clothing

When choosing what to wear for your tattoo session, always think about the area you are about to get tattooed and wear something that can give the artist easy access to the (area) also giving the freshly tattooed area room to breath when the session is completed.

DoWear something loose and comfortable. Wear something that will give access to the area and that you won’t mind getting ruined due to the splashing of ink or stencil residue.


Don’tWear tight garments. They will be difficult to adjust accordingly or they might even completely block the access to the interested area. At the end of a painful session the last thing you want to do is to squeeze your freshly tattooed leg into a tight skinny pair of jeans.

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Fresh tattoo by @vokuntattoo

How to prepare for your tattoo session
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Fresh tattoo by @vokuntattoo

How to prepare for your tattoo session

2. Eat Well

Consuming healthy foods before and during your sessions is key. Your body will tend to be tense because of the pain and you will need energy to keep up the pace.
What should be inside your meal? That’s easy! It should contain carbs, fibres, proteins and vitamin C, it will boost your system and get you ready for your tattoo session.

Do  ✅ Eat a rich and hearty breakfast before starting the day. You would be amazed how many calories are burnt during a tattoo session!
Do  ✅ Drink water. Drinking water before, during and after the session can help your body to stay hydrated, it prevents headaches and additional discomfort.
Do  ✅ Bring with you some snacks. Always bring with you something to eat during your session. Your life-saver snacks should contain carbs, fibres and natural sugars.


Don’tDrink too much coffee. Too much caffeine will make you restless and anxious; it will definitely not help during the sitting.
Don’tDrink alcoholic beverages. They will cause excess bleeding that will lessen the artist’s vision and compromise the final result. Not to mention that it will change your behaviour and reactions.
Don’tEat or drink too many sugary foods. The excess of sugar will slow the healing process down and might cause water retention.

3. Prepare your skin

Preparing your skin for the tattoo session is essential. Your body will need to be rested and healthy before sitting in order to achieve the best final result.

Do  ✅ Moisturize the area. Start moisturizing the area a couple of days before the session, it will help your skin during the process allowing the ink to get easier through the skin layers.

Do  ✅ Shower before the session. Showering will help you get rid of the dead skin and can make the tattoo session easier. A cleaned skin can help you avoid skin infections and embarrassment!


Don’tSunbathe or come to the session with sunburned skin. The skin that is damaged by the sun is dry and peeling. Getting a tattoo when your skin is burnt will result in a more painful session and it might lead to skin infections.
Don’t ❌ Come to the appointment with the tattoo area cut, grazed or bruised. If your skin is damaged by a cut your tattoo appointment will probably be rescheduled.

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Tattoo Lounge Helsinki Studio What To Do Before The Session

4. Extra Tips

Do  ✅ Sleep. A good sleep can be a game-changer. It will help your body to be less twitchy and more relaxed during the whole process.
Do  ✅ Bring with you some entertainment. Sessions can be long and sometimes boring, bring headphones or a book with you to pass the time and keep your mind occupied.


Don’t ❌ Consume Aspirin. It’s known that aspirin (and alcohol as well) is a blood thinner and can cause additional unwanted bleeding.



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