What’s a Walk-in Day in a Tattoo Studio?

A Walk-in Day is easy to explain! It’s a particular day dedicated to people that literally comes into the shop without notice or appointment to get tattooed.

During a Walk-in Day you can bring your own design with you and get it tattooed right away, without reservation and on the same day.

There’s also the possibility that your will need to queue to get your tattoo done, remember that is a “without-appointment day” and other people might have had the same idea!

To avoid waste of time and queuing, message us on WhatsApp or Instagram to know the queuing times and the artists’ availability.

Tattoo Flash designs

The shop will also have available designs dedicated to this (usually) weekly event, that is held during weekends. These designs will be already made, with standard sizes and ready to be tattooed.

It’s your choice, come into the shop during a Walk-in Day with a design drawn by you or by one of your friends or choose one from the artists’ flash!

Now your are probably wondering if you should do something specific before stepping in a tattoo shop during a Walk-in Day.

Tattoo Lounge Helsinki Finland Studio Walk-In Day Saturday Sunday Launtai Sunnuntai Viikonloppu

Flash book by @vokuntattoo

Walk-in Day in a Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Lounge Helsinki Finland Studio Walk-In Day Saturday Sunday Launtai Sunnuntai Viikonloppu Flash
Walk-in Day in a Tattoo Studio

Here are 5 Things to know about the Walk-in Day


1. If you bring your own design, keep all the details ready to be shown to the artist; size, colour, style and reference picture.

2. If you choose from the artists’ flash books, everything will be set already, but changing the size might be possible in certain cases.

3. Our starting price is 120€! An example of an 120€-tattoo can be a small word, letter or a symbol!

4. Your tattoo will need to be small/medium-sized and quite simple, since it will be done as soon as possible and on the same day.

5. Take a look at the artists that will be available on that day. Not all of them will be available for the Walk-in Day or they might be already booked. Never give up, there’s the possibilities that your favourite artist will be available the week after!

Even if you get the smallest tattoo during a Walk-in Day, it’s important that you follow the Aftercare Rules! Click Here to read about it.

FAQ / Walk-in Day

What's the minimum price?

Here at Tattoo Lounge Helsinki the starting price is 120€! All the small designs such as words, letters, symbol or simple lines are covered by this price.

How long do I have to wait?

There’s the possibility that you might need to queue before your turn arrives. To avoid that, we suggest you to message us about the waiting time, either on WhatsApp or Instagram!

How long does it take to get tattooed during a Walk-in Day?

Since this day is dedicated to small/medium-sized tattoos, it can take from 15 minutes to 1.5 hours maximum.